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Thomas Collett Gets Wonderful Reviews!

"I TRULY APPRECIATE ALL HE HAS TAUGHT ME... Hello. I'm a student of Thomas Collett. I have been taking lessons from him for over a year. I just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate all that he has taught me and all he is teaching me. He has helped me so much and I plan on continuing with him."  ~ Turner S.
"TOM IS A GREAT TEACHER! - Tom is a great teacher, very laid back to make his students as comfortable as possible. No standing by a piano and struggling to understand your coach's instructions. He can pick out what students need to work on the most after just a few lessons. He focuses on removing bad habits while strengthening your voice. I began to improve pretty quickly. I come from a classically trained background. If you do, too, and you find yourself kind of stuck, try going to Tom for some lessons. I have definitely gone past what my classical coaches had me at." ~ Rebecca Levin
THE MASTER OF VOICE! - After hearing Tom's singing, and both of us having similar musical influences, I had to see what he was like as a teacher. It was the best choice I made! I had a difficult time learning from a previous instructor, and Tom was able to help me get past that. In 3 lessons I am already amazed. I can see where I am going, and am looking forward to the journey. I highly recommend Tom Collett to anyone looking for a true voice instructor. Seek him out before his schedule is full! Thanks, Tom! ~ Kevin H. on February 18, 2007
Thomas Collett gave me lesson for about 6 months. Prior, I had been singing my for about 10 years (self taught). I have been in bands since 15 years of age (28 now) playing locally and nationally. His teaching has brought my singing to a higher level. I'm a much better and healthier singer due to Thomas Collett.~ Brandon Wisley
I've been singing and taking voice lessons since grade school and I'm now 26. When I started taking SLS lessons from Thom last year, I felt as if my voice was transforming into something I never thought I was capable of. I was able to key in on my weaknesses and start singing with the strength and control I've always wanted! It was a lot less complicated than the techniques I was being taught prior. Now I'm singing live in a country rock band and feeling confident in my voice. I definitely recommend Thom Collett and the SLS technique to any singer, beginner or advanced! ~ Brianna Burt
As a bluegrass musician, Thom has been able to help me develop my voice to be able to sing in a higher key. Prior to the lessons I could only go above the E string on the guitar. I am now able to sing tenor and hit the A note without any problems. There is an added benefit to Thom's instruction, I also speak much clearer. There is definitely a difference learning vocal training over just learning to sing. With a pro such as Thom I would recommend him to anyone who wanted to better themselves vocally and audibly.~ Rick Rhodes | Chairman Arizona Bluegrass Association - Banjo Player - Tangled Strings
I'd recommend Tom to anyone that is serious about strengthening their singing voice to deliver a better product to the listener. Whether your music is death metal or pop, Tom has exercises that will humble you and serve as reminder that practice and diligence are key ingredients for success and to never give up on your goals. Tom is the guy to help you achieve those goals. ~ Matt Turkington WYNTERBORNE - Lead Vocals |
There are many vocal coaches out there for you to choose from, we have tried a few and feel that we have found a great match for us in Thom Collette. Initially, we began going with instructors that target children or females only. What we found was you really need to make sure you're using a true vocal coach. Many instructors do not teach any vocal technique at all. You walk in sing some songs, and if you get off pitch they might sing with you to get you on track or just move you onto another piece of music without really working you through your problems. As a parent and a teacher, I had to ask myself, if this was really the best training method for my daughter. Thom is a wonderful teacher. He never forces his musical style on his students. He has worked with my daughter on a diversity of music -- country, show tunes, rock and roll - and maintained the same level of enthusiasm for all types. His real focus is on developing the student's voice. His teaching style is personable and laid back; never condescending or judgmental. He works with all ages giving a unique perspective for coaching children as he knows where a young persons voice needs to be strengthened and individually tailors exercises to reach their goals. In the teaching world there is a popular method called, "I do, we do, you do". Thom's philosophy is more - " I do, you do, you do, If needed we do, you do again". Check out all the "you" work in that statement, this alone shows you his focus - student growth and progress and he really knows how to achieve that progress. In just the few short months we have been seeing Mr. Collette, my daughter has grown tremendously in technique and just as importantly confidence. So, from a mom with teenagers and an elementary school teacher, skip the teachers who just want to sing with you or your child and show 'em how it's done and go straight to someone who knows how to teach your child. For us that someone is Thom Collette.~ Susan Duncan, mother of Hannah Duncan 13
Hey Thom,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for all of the help you've given me with my voice. The things that particularly stand out to me so far have been the improvement in the range between my chest voice and head voice, how much stronger my head voice and mix have gotten and most especially the things you've shown me about how to put my voice back together again after damage (frequently caused for me by talking to people in clubs on breaks). The gigs are much easier as a result and I never worry about consecutive nights like I used to.

Also, after years of singing one way with extremely limited growth I've finally been able to identify lots areas that need improvement, which gives me a clear roadmap of where I want to go. This came out of the work we've been doing both from the recordings and also the things I can hear in my voice when we're trying new stuff. I could not have done this without your help and skill.

I would recommend you as a voice coach to anybody who is looking for better technique; range, tone and stamina. After a few months of working with you I feel like I'm just getting started on where I want to go. I'm looking forward to continuing the journey!

~ Stan Cotey
I discovered Tom by chance ironically through another vocal coaches website Forum. I decided to try my luck and went to Tom's website. From the moment i listened to his samples i was sold. WOW!!! what a voice and what range and power. As i read on i realized that he was principled by SLS technique, i thought to myself no way can SLS create such a great versatile rock voice. Now that i have taken lessons for almost a month my voice has changed dramatically and trust me i have went through quite a few teachers with so called " World renowned" techniques. Tom has made me realize that its not only the technique but the teacher instructing that really makes a difference. If you are reading this, please do not hesitate to hook up with this man. He's the real deal!. Thanks Tom for what you have done to my voice, you have really made me realize that singing the hard and heavy stuff need not be that hard after all with the correct techniques.
Your online student all the way from Singapore.
~ Ben
I wanted to let you know that I listened to your web site vocal samples tonight. WOW!!! To say the least, I was blown away. You sound amazing. As a big fan, promoter, booker and former venue owner, I have seen and heard a lot of of music. You stand taller than tall, man. Your voice is great. I am glad you are working with my son Tommy. I did not need to hear your samples to validate that. I love the work you have done with my son Tommy Gibbons. I love your voice. Keep up the super work. We are glad you work with us and I endorse your work.
~ Big Tom, BulldogProductions/Kompound Studios
If you want to sing better than you do now, take lessons from Thom. If you don't think you could get any better, then don't. Me? I'm going to keep taking the lessons! Thom has improved the way I sing dramatically and I am excited about where I am headed. Range, power, endurance, Thom's the man! BTW: I've been singing in bands for 36 years now and have no plans of stopping!
~ Joe Wagner; 505 Band - Vocals & Keyboards
I am impressed with Thom's ability to know what a student needs to work on just by listening to them. He also has a strong, full-ranged voice and to me, that shows he practices what he teaches and can relate to active performers.
~ Robin Brown
I have taken voice lessons for 14 years. The last year and a half I have taken them with Tom and my voice has really been taken to another level. Basing his teachings on speech level singing, I have found that the techniques that Tom has shown me has really strengthened my voice and expanded my range. The vocal exercises that he has given me to warm up my voice, are invaluable to my success as a professional singer. He is patient, kind, knowledgeable, and I have already recommended him to several friends/singers.
~ Dierdre Lah
I came to Thomas thinking I could already sing - I knew my limitations, but I thought he could teach me a couple techniques to make sure my voice didn't 'blow out' at the end of the night. Well, to my surprise, my range has expanded greatly, I can sing just about anything, as long as I want, and it's much easier to hit the notes I need to hit, and so much easier on my voice. I would recommend Thomas to anyone of any level of singing. Thanks Thom!
~ Paul Ludenia |
BADASS!!! - Tom is an awesome teacher. In 7 years of singing, my voice has never been stronger and sounding better than it ever has. His lessons are easy to start at any level and are challenging even for experienced singers. He's also a great guy, easy to get along with and wont bs ya when it comes to lessons and life. I've been taking lessons from him for a few months and well def continue!!! Don't miss out on a great teacher!!
~ Daniel N. on June 30, 2008