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Fix pitch issues and stop straining for high notes
  • 25 Years of Coaching Experience
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  • $50/hour or $30/half hour
  • Professional Studio Equipment
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Thomas Collett, professional vocal instructor singing on stage

About Thomas Collett - Professional Singer and Vocal Coach

Thomas has been singing professionally since 1983. After years of singing with no voice lessons, Thomas ended up with a damaged voice. After much research he discovered a technique that some of the best signers in the world use.  He then entered the SLS (Speech Level Singing) certification program.

With many years put into the program, Thomas decided he was ready to work on his own, using what he had learned and adding some of his own techniques.  After 20 years of continued voice lessons, voice teaching and gigging with various bands, Thomas has created his own style of voice teaching and offers many techniques that other voice teachers are not providing to their students.

Thomas’ techniques target a singer’s weak and undeveloped area of their voice.  When coming to Thomas he will evaluate your voice and target the lessons to what strengths, weaknesses, and issues that you may have with your voice.  Thomas’ voice sounds as good if not better than when he was singing in his younger years and he’s in his early sixties!

His techniques work with all genres of music – Rock, Pop, R&B, Metal, Latin, Country, Gospel, Musical Theater and Contemporary to name a few.  Only top of the line musical equipment is used in his studios to provide the best sound quality for his students

Private singing lessons are offered in person around the valley and virtually over Skype.  Students who attend weekly lessons get the best results.  Vocal coaching (helping singers prepare for performing) is part of the voice lessons you receive.


I WAS ABLE TO START SINGING WITH THE STRENGTH AND CONFIDENCE THAT I’VE ALWAYS WANTED! – I’ve been singing and taking voice lessons since grade school and I’m now 26. When I started taking SLS lessons from Thomas last year, I felt as if my voice was transforming into something I never thought I was capable of. I was able to key in on my weaknesses and start singing with the strength and control I’ve always wanted! It was a lot less complicated than the techniques I was being taught prior. Now I’m singing live in a country rock band and feeling confident in my voice. I definitely recommend Thomas Collett and the SLS technique to any singer, beginner or advanced!

Brianna B.

HIS TEACHING HAS BROUGHT MY SINGING TO A HIGHER LEVEL – Thomas Collett gave me lesson for about 6 months. Prior, I had been singing my for about 10 years (self taught). I have been in bands since 15 years of age (28 now) playing locally and nationally. His teaching has brought my singing to a higher level. I’m a much better and healthier singer due to Thomas Collett.

Brandon W.

HE FOCUSES ON REMOVING BAD HABITS WHILE STRENGTHENING YOUR VOICE – Tom is a great teacher, very laid back to make his students as comfortable as possible. No standing by a piano and struggling to understand your coach’s instructions. He can pick out what students need to work on the most after just a few lessons. He focuses on removing bad habits while strengthening your voice. I began to improve pretty quickly. I come from a classically trained background. If you do, too, and you find yourself kind of stuck, try going to Tom for some lessons. I have definitely gone past what my classical coaches had me at.

Rebecca L.

I TRULY APPRECIATE ALL THAT HE HAS TAUGHT ME – Hello. I’m a student of Thomas Collett. I have been taking lessons from him for over a year. I just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate all that he has taught me and all he is teaching me. He has helped me so much and I plan on continuing with him.

Turner S.