Phoenix Vocal Coach – Thomas Collett

Thomas Collett is a seriously great vocal coach in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  He has dedicated his life to singing and teaching the best vocal techniques to others. Private singing lessons are offered in Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, SurpriseLaveen, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Paradise Valley and Scottsdale. And now introducing our newest location in Goodyear!

Best Singing Lessons in PhoenixThomas continuously enhances his craft, both as a singer and as a vocal coach. His students have left him fantastic testimonials attesting to his superior vocal training skills and successes.

Thomas Collett is always studying new techniques to get his students the best and fastest results from their personal vocal coaching. He has helped hundreds of singers in the Phoenix valley over the last 13 years.

Before you choose a vocal coach, you should listen to how they sing and watch how they coach others. Thomas Collett has provided his own Singing Samples, CD Track Samples and videos of some students Coaching Sessions. Click on this link to read some of Thomas’ Testimonials covering his vocal coaching techniques. Here is one sample of the type of feedback his vocal teaching techniques get:

As a bluegrass musician, Thom has been able to help me develop my voice to be able to sing in a higher key. Prior to the lessons I could only go above the E string on the guitar. I am now able to sing tenor and hit the A note without any problems. There is an added benefit to Thom's instruction, I also speak much clearer. There is definitely a difference learning vocal training over just learning to sing. With a pro such as Thom I would recommend him to anyone who wanted to better themselves vocally and audibly.~ Rick Rhodes | Chairman Arizona Bluegrass Association - Banjo Player - Tangled Strings

Thomas also has a number of videos of his vocal coaching sessions. To see all of Thomas’ YouTube singing lessons, select this button: Thomas' YouTube Channel