I offer quality private Phoenix vocal lessons and vocal coaching, at reasonable rates, in a safe and fun environment. For most people, singing lessons are a very personal experience. Therefore, finding the right Phoenix Arizona teacher and environment for vocal Instruction is crucial to your success. Please keep in mind that I have been where you are at some point in my life. I have had to overcome shyness, stage fright and singing in front of people. I teach people of all ages and levels, including beginners (people who have never sung before), intermediate and advanced singers. Excellent Vocal Coach in MesaIn addition, for those who wish to have the convenience of personalized vocal lessons in their own home, I offer in-home lessons anywhere in the valley. My studios are well-equipped with professional pro-audio equipment and digital pianos making the lessons more highly productive. As a courtesy to my students, all lessons are recorded on a CD for you to take home and practice with. Not only have I been singing professionally in the Valley for 26 years, I have 16 years of voice training with various private instructors in a variety of vocal styles ranging from opera, Broadway, pop, jazz, rock, metal and a vocal training technique based on speech. I have had lessons with Dave Stroud, Greg Enriquez, Shelly Franklin Rose, and Vanessa Purdy. In addition, I have attended SLS Master Classes and SLS Teacher Training classes.